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Increase in Sleep Disorders…


Disruptive sleep leads to a disruptive life.


Straits Times reported that current sleep issues may lead to insomnia.
Therefore, natural treatment must be sought to obtain a better sleep.
Several psychological issues can cause insomnia, however stress is the number one reason people report a lack of sleep.
However, it is not the only insomnia trigger.
Many things can cause insomnia, including work, family stress, panic, poor sleep hygiene, illness, drug side effects, chronic pain, restless legs syndrome, or sleep apnea. Haldane Pharma, introduces Zenidra tablets, contains 3 natural herbs that is safe and effective in bringing sleep naturally. Zenidra contains Velarian Extract , Melisa officinalis and Hops which are clinically proven as safe and effective.
Sleep Better with Zenidra Herbal Formula.
Available in select clinics in Singapore.
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