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Don’s let Anxiety, Stress disturb your Sleep. 

It’s true that several psychological issues can cause insomnia. Stress is the number one reason people report a lack of sleep. But it’s not the only insomnia trigger. Many things can cause insomnia, including work , family stress, panic, poor sleep hygiene, illness, drug side effects, chronic pain, restless legs syndrome, or sleep apnea.


HALDANE PHARMA, introduces ZENIDRA tablets, contains 3 natural herbs that is safe and effective in bringing sleep naturally.  ZENIDRA contains Velarian Extract , Melisa Officinalis and Hops which are clinically proven as safe and effective.

• 100% natural active ingredients with the use of quality titrated dry extracts

• The sequential formulas for a synergistic action of components which enable balance to be restored in the body

• Total bioavailability for total assimilation

• Perfect biocompatibility: deep-down benefits for vitality, without side effects and without overloading the body.

• The microgranules provide gastroprotection, quickly passing through the intestine, and a controlled release of active ingredients with increased exchange surfaces.

ZENIDRA is available in selected Clinics in Singapore. Please talk to your Drs.

Have a quality sleep with ZENIDRA.  All-natural therapy for a better sleep.

Zenidra is a Dietary supplement, Not intent to treat or cure any disease.

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