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Our Therapeutic Areas

Healthy Nerve Support

Nerve's health may be affected for some individuals esp for elderly, people who are living with long term high blood sugar . High blood sugar (glucose) may affect nerves throughout your body,  most often damages nerves in your legs and feet.


For Both Male & Female, Haldane Pharma has formulated threpies with an extensive research, a Comprehensive Solution for managing Idiopathic, oxidative stress, Hormonal disorders related infertility by combining Evidence based & some of the most powerful and effective Formulated by Haldane pharma's research as a Comprehensive Solution for managing oxidative stress related infertility by combining some of the most powerful and…

Liver Health

Different types of liver disorders include Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Liver tumors, and Liver abscess (collection of pus), just to name a few. Liver disease can be inherited (genetic) or caused by a variety of factors that damage the liver, such as viruses and alcohol use. Liver is the largest and important organ in the body. Liver is essential for digesting food…

Joint Health Support

Join disorders are most prevalent and evolves slowly over decades, manifesting itself in episodes of pain and culminating in the loss of joint function.  Studies indicate that bone changes can initiate or influence the degradation of cartilage. Collagen hydrolysate (CH) is recognized as safe with minimal adverse effects, whose amino acid composition provides elevated levels of glycine and proline, which…

Bone & Pain Management

As a person ages bone density reduces and nutrition & supplements become necessary to prevent Osteoporosis, a condition in which bones becomes weak and fragile. This leads to fractures in the bones. One of the main reasons for this is lack of proper nutrition and exercise.

Sleep Disorder

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health—not to mention your productivity and creativity. Not only does your brain need quality sleep in order to “clean” and balance itself, but it’s also during slumber that the heart and blood What Are Sleep Disorders? Circadian Rhythm Disorders Typically, people sleep at night --…

Women’s Health

Two of the common infections happens in women are UTI (Urinary tract infection) and BV (Bacterial Vaginitis) . Haldane Pharma has introduced product that helps in Healthy Urinary Tract.

Hair Loss