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Migrate Q10

Migrate Q10 has various health benefits which includes Fertility ,  Heart Health & others.

It contains key ingredients such as COENZYME Q10, LYCOPENE, L-CARNITINE and Others

Co-enzyme Q10
It is an anti-oxidant and neutralizes ROS (It accepts electrons, it becomes reduced (or) it gives up electrons, it becomes oxidized. In males Migrate Q10 help improves sperm parameters like sperm count, quality, concentration and motility. In female it improves the quality of egg and oocyte.

Belongs to carotenoids and is rich in red fruits such as tomatoes. It is an Anti-oxidant (neutralizes of free radicals) protecting the cell membrane, mitochondria and the nuclei of both the sperm and ovum. It improves sperm concentration, activity and cell shape.


Availability:  Migrate Q10 is only available in selected clinics.

Migrare Q10 is a Dietary Supplement, Not intend to treat or cure any disease.

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