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Enhance your immune system & fight off pathogens naturally


With the help of Immunita Max, this all-natural supplement can provide powerful immunity support.

Protect yourself from future illness today.





What is the immune system?

The immune system refers to the body’s way of natural defense against foreign pathogens and microbes.

The main parts of the immune system include:

White blood cells


Complement system

Lymphatic system


Bone marrow




A healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise, hand hygiene, and stress management are all great ways to support the immune system throughout the year, and especially during the current Covid pandemic and cold and flu season.

Research studies support the use of specific herbs and vitamins to boost immunity. Therefore, Haldane Pharma has developed Immunita Max tablets with the most widely studied ingredients.

Immunita Max Tablets Contains high strength Vitamin C, Echinacea Extract, Zinc, Selenium, Citrus Biflavanoids, and other Vitamins & Minerals

Immunita Max tablets are very effective in improving your body’s immune system naturally and for the prevention of infections, cold, flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Immunita Max is now available in selected clinics in Singapore.

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