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Calz-D3 Tablets

Calz-D3 Tablets

Calcium is vital : Calcium, a vital mineral found in the body, represents the building block of bone and is primarily associated with its role in osteoporosis, characterized by low bone mass and fragility, making an individual susceptible to fractures.


All calcium supplements are not the same 

Why Calz-D3 ?

Calz D3 offers the most advanced calcium formulation & with a unique delivery system, besides having several advantages over old generation calcium supplements.

Calz-D3 contains Calcium Citrate Maleate (a high absorption calcium supplement)

An Unique Water Soluble Calcium Supplement (Calcium Salt of Citric Acid & Malic Acid)  that offers dual absorption.

Greater bio-availability compared to other forms like calcium carbonate.

Can be consumed on empty stomach

With High strength Vitamin D3

Offers the important minerals Magnesium & Zinc

Well tolerated and safe

PACK: 30 Tablets per box


Each film coated tablet contains

Calcium Citrate Maleate 

Vitamin D3 




During and after Pregnancy, Menopuase, Osteoporosis


1 to 3 tablets a day or as directed by the Health Professional


Calz D3 is available in Clinics only. Pls talk to your Doctor.

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